Almost all boys were routinely circumcised in the United States until very recently. Now, about 50% of American boys are being circumcised.  There is no medical reason for routine circumcision, and there are many risks for having it done, including death. Read these informative articles about this controversial subject before making your decision.

Mothering Magazine Articles

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Other Circumcision Articles
Resources for Parents and Educators
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Circumcision and AIDS

If you do decide to circumcise your son, please consider using a Mohel to perform the procedure. A Mohel is a Rabbi trained in Jewish ritual circumcision, but they will also circumcise non-Jews. Mohels are much faster and better than medical doctors who perform circumcision. Most Mohels complete the circumcision in less than a minute, while many doctors take as long as 20-30 minutes. Circumcision is unnecessary, but if you do choose to circumcise your son, please do it the most humane way possible -- with a Mohel. The following links are about Mohels and Brit Milah (ritual circumcision).

Rabbi Raphael Malka
Questions to Ask a Prospective Mohel 

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